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The Media Licensing Co. has been working with UK publishers for over 12 years, including national newspapers, B2B & consumer publishers and online content owners.

As an outsourced licensing partner to media owners, we are dedicated to managing our clients' licensing revenues both effectively and profitably, while at the same time protecting their copyright.

To content buyers, we offer great customer service, fast turnaround times and most importantly, the protection that you're legally compliant.

As a result, we ensure your marketing, communications and investor relations' solutions are delivered both on time and with full permissions.

One-stop shop

As well as being the official licensing partner to a number of publishers (see above), our extensive knowledge of the media industry enables us to source and licence content from most media owners in the UK and many abroad.

Just click the button below, fill in all the details and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

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